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One of the most reassuring things I have heard in recent times is tht its okay to be scared, you do not require courage to face what u do not fear.
It’s a comforting thought tht even the most courageous men and women were scared of tht which they ultimately faced and conquered.
They are heroes not cos their hearts never trembled with fear, but cos they conquered that fear.
So, fear becomes not just an acceptable but even  welcome emotion cos it paves the way for courage and heroism. It is fine to be frightened, but not to run away from it.
As with fear, so with other ‘negative emotions’. It is important to experience the entire gamut of emotions in order to fully appreciate life.
So fear is important as courage, sadness as important as happiness, to cry is as critical as  it to laugh, to grieve every bit as needed as to celebrate. If positive emotions help give us confidence and cheer, negative emotions too serve a purpose.
Negative emotions help us understand what is wrong with us and the way we are leading our lives, so that we may stop, reconsider and move on with added wisdom. Long back society dictated emotions we should or shouldn’t  feel. Men were not supposed to cry or show vulnerability; women were not supposed to show passion or laugh loud….

uhhh… those days are gone now now even a man sobs very badly and feel hurt  and women can show passion!!… Earlier they said leave emotions behind when you come to work; today organisations what individuals to get emotionally involved with work…
It is critical to be in charge of your emotions, not allow them to control you.

The best thing about emotions is that they don’t stay with you long. Try as you might, you can neither catch happiness by its forelock, nor pain by its tail…
thats why Shahrukh said in one of his movie “Haslo rolo gaalo muskuralo kya pata kal ho na ho”
hehehe thoda filmi tha but ya thts the truth…