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One can get famous in many different ways and the important steps is for you to become outstanding in whatever area you choose. There are famous cooks, artists, musicians, actors, and athletes. But no matter what field or interest you select, will require training, experience, and most of all, persistence.

How do i become famous?

Below are ways I hope will help to be famous, including some very important tips, and also a selection of pictures and videos to entertain and inspire you while you read this article.

10 tips your probably aware of – and then some..!!!

1.Enter a reality show: We all know someone who is famous just for appearing on a reality show! It’s hard to turn on the TV now-a-days without seeing some sort of show on which are great to have the chance of becoming famous!India got talent,   Big Boss,  Indian Idol, X Factor and many more on MTV  and many more channels.  Enter one of these shows and you can become very famous, just like Shillong Chamber Choir who won India got talent 2 title.

2. Without any skills other than just looking good!, get instant fame and become a model…

3. Invent something which is a sure way to becoming famous just like ‘Erno Rubik’ who was the inventor of the Rubiks cube.  The wheel has already been invented and is still being reinvented to this day, but there are still many things that have not…Sometimes invention have been created purely by accident!

4. Good at sports? Do something your good at like

Cricket, Hockey, Football.

Become an athlete and be famous In 9.57 seconds by breaking the current world record holder usain Bolt’s 9.58 seconds. Some sports can be quite easy way if you’re naturally the fastest or strongest. if sports is not for you, there are many other records you can break, but try not to break a leg doing so!

5. Write a best selling novel, I’m sure you all know many novelists by name more than face. If you have great writing skills you could be the next

‘ Chetan Bhagat’ who wrote lovely novels, J. K.  Rowlimg who wrote the ‘Harry Potter’ books.

6. Find a cure for the common cold and you will be remembered forever.

7. Be a comedian, magician or entertainer. If everyone tells you your funny and you naturally make people laugh, you may just have something! When it comes to comedy it’s not what you say, it’s how you deliver it and of course……timing. Some people are just naturally funny without even trying like Ehsaan Qureshi and Raju shrivastav in shows such as Great Indian Laughter challenge, Great Indian comedy show.

And magicians such as Gogia Pasha and P C Sorcar Jr who are the world’s most famous Indian magician.

8. Become a politician. We all knw India‘s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Even if you don’t become a president/ Prime minister you can still become famous just for being in a political party. You may not get much respect or be liked and it’s not the coolest of fame, but you have so much power!. The former actor and actress are also in politics now a days.

9. Have a successful business like ‘Bill gates’ who owns Microsoft, or Tata or Birla or Ambani’s. This route is not the easiest, and requires a lot of hard work but is a sure way to become famous and have all the trappings of success.


10. The most easiest way to becoming famous, is to marry, date, or be a relative of someone famous…

Parties are the best way to get together and have fun. While family reunions help you stay connected with your relatives, friends’ bashes enable pals to get together and know more about each other. Whenever you throw a party, whether for family members or friends, it is important to plan a few activities beforehand.

It not only ensures that the guests have a good time, but also help the ‘not-so-close-ones’ explore more about one another. One of the best activities is to have people sit together in a group and then ask some fun questions from them. This will help people, especially the shy ones, to open up and also bring up some interesting stories of the past.

So again I start my journey to meet new faces, n make new friends who can come and share their interesting past & present. As some one said it very correct that “strangers are just friends waiting to happen.”

Before that  I Would like to tell u about my college experience in short.

The first few days of college seemed just the same as my first two years of school. All things were going well, and things seemed to be going as I hoped they would. Then, one day I met these friends of mine, really interesting, humorous, crazy. I would say we all cant stay quiet for just few minutes also (all talkative), after meeting them I felt that now something exciting would happen,  each day would be full of surprises,  and yes it happened. We just enjoyed five years to the fullest, if any 1 ask me to spend more five years with the same group (of 22 fanatics) and in the same college then I am all set 4 it.

Those days were lovely in college ( L S Raheja College) : )

Today I entered college as an X-student, near by gate there was one group who I guess had bunked their lectures n were enjoying their snacks.

I just smiled and started walking ahead the first surprise was that our watchman (kaka what every 1 calls) recognized me and let me go in without identity card, I just waved at him n went in.

I went to the office area, staff room thought some one would meet me there but all were in lectures, I went to the cafeteria, the coolest place in our college where v spent max time playing games, teasing, yelling and which was our adda. Hehehe…

I was astonished to see my friends there; even they were surprised to see me. This was the second surprise of the day n I said to myself that today we again gonna rock.

We shared few things with each other cos we met after few months…

My palsOops… let me first introduce u with them, from the left 1st is Ankita Gala (Pii) at present into Fashion designing, Charmi Mistry (cham) pursuing diploma course in HR and also working with recruitment team & Avani Gala (Poo) into fashion designing. i call them pii, cham and poo.

They were my juniors, finished their graduation in 2008 batch. We became friends when I was in third year, Good pals and very special for me, aise toh all friends of mine are special in some or the other way. we were really glad to meet each other like this.

I was hungry like a bear so went to “Anna” sandwichwala and ordered to satiate my appetite soon. I was feeling that again I was in college n still there waiting for the rest of the pals to come n meet me. Then we four decided to go for lunch.sandwichwala

Before that again we went to the staff room to meet our teachers and this time we met our well-known professor who teach Law Mr. Lamani (Lamani sir), a very good person by nature and also very strict. I use to imitate him; he had caught me once doing this hehehehe….

I spoke to few students,

Collegchai: asked them how they feel being in the college and are u enjoying these days or no?

Anjali: yes we all enjoy a lot; we are here just for fun.

Collegechai: what about lectures? Is your name anytime in black list?

Tushar: dude normally we don’t attend any lectures n yes I feel proud that I found my name in black list n my parents were also called for this. But its fine I enjoy : )

Wow… we enjoyed all this a lot after 2yrs, and also seeing the exuberance of the present students we were reminded of our own college days which were a nostalgic moment for tapri

As the time passed it was 12.30pm, these girls wanted to buy few Kurtis for Navratri. We shopped for few hours. All were hungry as well as exhausted so we choose a near by restaurant “Shabri” which is well known for its Pav bhaji , this was also our adda we use to go Shabri most of the time after college to have Pav bhaji and paper dosa. And the funniest thing is every time we ordered only 1 paper dosa  for four people or more people. And enjoy that like nithin.

So again we ordered paper dosa and four of us enjoyed it.

This day also added to our memories and this gave us a feeling of déjà vu

Guys its very well said that friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life, so make as many as friends and see how life changes .

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

This was all I wanted to share with you guys.

Friends I would like ull to come up n share some lovely moments of your college days.

U can mail me on or can call me on 9833710832

At last this is for all my friends

“I don’t remember how we happened to meet each other.
I don’t remember who got along with whom first.
All I can remember is all of us together…always.”