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Rajendra Ambavne


Today with us is Rajendra Ambavne from the chilling n the most beautiful city Pune.


Rajendra is one of the bright student from University of Pune, which is One of the Premier Universities in India.

He is a quite and very shy person,Lives life in a very simple way with a simple personality 🙂

Rajendra is in his third yr of M. A (Master of Arts) Rajendra is doing Research in Postcolonial Literature and on the novel which is related to African culture.
Novel’s name is “Things Fall Apart” this is a 1958 English language novel by Nigerian author “Chinua Achebe”

Guys frankly speaking this guy is doing sumthing jo apne palle nahi padega, atleast mere toh nahi… Hehheheee….

Likes & Dislikes : Rajendra is full on a Padaku guy who likes reading books in his idle time, he likes Swimming and also Travelling. He likes travelling in most of the parts in Maharashtra which indeed is the beautiful state and a place to chill out.
His favorite place to visit is Sinhagad ( The Lion’s Fort), is a fortress located roughly 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Pune, India. It is situated on a hill rising 800 meters above the surrounding countryside.

Rajendra hates wasting time in any ways. And he strictly says time is very less for all of us and we have to do many things in life, so instead of wasting time in non productive things, spend time in productive things.

a word with Rajesh

Collegechai: a very nice thought to make a note of.

Collegechai: wats ur ambition in life??…
Ambition in Life: I want to b a Professor of English in any Good university or college…

Favorite hangout: Pune University is the best place to hang out. I spend time with my frnds and close ones in the University which sprawls over a vast area of 411 acres. So I hangout & study with my friends here in University only.
We go out for dinner or Lunch nearby University on special occasions.

Or else we eat in our Mess (i.e. Our Canteen)

Collegechai: Do u have any plans for New Year any party or niother plans??…

Rajendra: Nope I dnt have ni plans for Partying, I don’t like dancing singing n all. In fact I’ll be planning
for the upcoming yr as in wat all I have to do. Ill plan for my future.

Collegechai: “College” wat is the fisrt thing which comes to ur mind about college??…

Rajendra: “College is one of the turning point in my life.”