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It was Tuesday, 10.45 am when I reached “Jai Hind” College, which is situated at a very beautiful place near Arabian sea which is considered to be a very happening place to hang out with friends.
“Jai Hind” College has been ranked among the top 50 colleges in India in the Science as well as Arts faculty, and Jai Hind students truly believe that nothing is impossible and that the sky is the limit for them.
So I was very eager to meet the young chaps’ n cute faces of this college.
I was standing outside the college gate, wondering how to get in cause it’s a known fact that u need to have an identity card to enter the college, but some how I mustered courage and got thru the gate.
The moment I entered the college I felt like I am in this place full of joy and happiness.
I saw few students filling up the form n few committee members behind others to get their names for participation in the upcoming events. I introduced myself and asked what the event was going on.
I took the information from Divya and Poonam (who are F Y BSC student) & are the members of dotcom club.
There are three teams: “Hindi Parishad”, “SDU-Social Dramatic Union’ s”, & “.com club” (dotcom club).
Each teams organizes the days and the events.
Like on 24th’Sept “.com team” is celebrating Chocolate day and Hindi Parishad also have their events coming in this month.
“SHOUTT” is the intra college festival organized by Jai Hind College, Mumbai. In addition to providing entertainment this unique festival also showcases talent of the students.
Some of the events in Shoutt are Library art, quiz, stand up comedy, painting, fashion designing, photography, singing, dancing etc.
Later then Divya introduced me to their seniors Sanmesh, Siddharth & Sandesh. They really helped me out in getting full information of the upcoming events and days.
Before we could discuss on this topic more a cute girl Prabhuti came up to me, she wanted me to buy chocolates for any one I know there, cos the upcoming event was Chocolate day and any one can dedicate chocolates to their loved ones & friends with a message card.
I told her that I wasn’t from Jai Hind but then too she insisted me to buy chocolates and with that she gave me message card in that I had to write name to whom I want to give the chocolates. Here at this point of time I behaved selfishly and told her that I would buy chocolates for her, but in return she has to help me getting more details of the events and also click few photographs. She was ecstatic after hearing this and called all her friends and acquaintances for a snap.
Prabhuti is a smart girl and her marketing tactics were also good cos in no time I had to pay 100bucks to her for the chocolates. Every one from that group gathered around me to view the snap, it was all very funny when some one from that group asked me whether I was from media or whether I am a professional photographer…. Hearing this I was amazed…
one thing I liked in them they were very comfortable in sharing their things with me. There I got the invitation to attend their college festivals and events, n if possible then click photographers.
That made me more than happy… that moment I told them that I would love to do this.
My talks with Sanmesh continued and others were then bussy with their preparation work…
Sanmesh Kalyanpur who is the head coordinator of the event and a National Bravery Award Winner in year 2004. He handles “.com club” and assigns work to other members.
I asked him how did u get this position “Head Coordinator”?
Well I am good with my friends and in group & from my childhood i like to handle things…
Which is the funniest thing which u have come across while handling these events?
Most funniest thing is finding volunteers…. When I ask people to volunteer any event they make faces and max of them are not ready to do that. They avoid it, but at the same point of time I ask them to volunteer for inter-college computer gaming events then all are ready for it.
All are crazy for computer gaming… & even I am.
So coming back to Sanmesh bravery event, he was also awarded with National Bravery Award in year 2004. he saved his own sister and few others drowning in floods.
Hats off to u Sanmesh and great work….
He also invited me for the upcoming events and was glad sharing these things with me.
U can check out the past and the upcoming events of Jai Hind college on and also contact Sanmesh Kalyanpur on 9324949461 & Siddhart Bhatiya on 9867286962 to know more for the events.

Hello everyone after a long time I am here again with some interesting friends.

This time I met  Pooja Khandhedia who Is from my native place Mahuva in Gujarat. Shes here In Mumbai to do further studies, She’s doing management course from the well known institute NMIMS in Ville Parle (Mumbai). And working with TCS E-serve, Mumbai. (Priorly known as CITIGROUP Global Services)

Pooja Khandhedia

About her: I know her well cos she is my colleague n we both are from the same team.  she’s is very jolly kind person, very emotional, likes to dance, loves to participate in each events. & let me tell u pooja is very very talkative but cute friend.

it was all fun talking to her… i toh enjoyed it.
1) Collegechai: Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not?

yes, becoz i use to be problem solver, very jolly, participative in
each and every activity that use to happen in the school, good rapo
with all the teachers and due to bhai like attitude…..

2) Collegechai: I know u like to dance so

Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?

Dancing is my passion and i suffer from stage fear but whenever i go
to disc,  pub or navratri i dance like crazy and forget that someone
is looking at me or not….i m totally in my masti mood….

3) Collegechai: Do you like to sing in the shower? What do sing in the shower, if you do sing?

No i dont sing in the shower….but i have habbit of listening to
music whenever i take shower

4)Collegechai: If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which 5 books,
movies, people and foods would you take along?

Sorry not interested in reading any books…. had read many books
since L.K.G so now no more books…. movies its a long list but 5 fav
movies are socha na tha, tara ram pam, jab we met, sharabi, na tum
jano na hum and so on…. People would be my mom, dad, my brother and
after i get married my husband and my brother’s wife…. food
items….yummyyyyy….pani puri, sev puri, french fries, burger from
MAC, and theple…

Collegechai: Hehehee…. Cool yar theple n all. N yes it is very possible after all v r “gujjus”
5) Collegechai: As u are from Gujarat how did u plan to come Mumbai stay & study?
Was it difficult for u to convince ur parents? N did u ever find it
difficult to go with the fast moving life in Mumbai?

I m from a town called mahuva in Gujarat and after i completed my 12th
i anyhow had to leave mahuva for my further studies as there was no
good English medium college so it was my parents decision to send me
to Mumbai for my further studies bcoz all my relatives stay in Mumbai.
And for it was not difficult for me to match with fast moving Mumbai
life…. i love myself and love to live my life in the way i want and
so it doesn’t matter whether i stay in Mumbai, U.S.A, Singapore, Gujarat
i can adjust anywhere….

Collegechai: that’s cool…
6) Collegechai: now little bit sensible talks

ohk now as I know that u pursuing management Degree from the well
known University ( NMIMS ) lets talk something about management, m not
at all good in management studies I remember we had a subject n I
wasn’t really good in it, but then to lets go for it.

  • How do u spell Management?? Hehehe… I know its really funny but..Management
  • What does the SWOT stand for in SWOT analysis?Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
  • In marketing, what are the The Four P’s? Product, Place, Price, Promotion
  • “Doing it right is no excuse for not meeting the schedule.”  What do u say about this as a management student?

No answer

Collegechai: that’s great n u got three right, if some one would have asked me this questions then I wouldn’t b able to answer.

hmmmm…. That means u study. Well there’s a chocolate for u
now lets stop this serious things
7) Collegechai: are you humorous? What shows that u r like that?

Yes i m humorous. My friendly and talkative nature shows that i m like that.
8) Collegechai: There’s a funny quote “A Man Without A Woman Is
Like A Neck Without A   Pain” what Is ur view for this 1?

WHATEVER….but according to me “A man without
woman is incomplete”. So now a days we can see that one man has many
women bcoz may be one woman is not enough for their completeness…..

Collegechai: that’s cool……
9) Collegechai: What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

As i said before i have stage fear and i never participate for solo
dancing and there was one competition in school for solo dance and
there was no one from my house to perform for solo dance as i was a
house captain i was told by my teachers that i have to perform solo
and when i was on the stage I was very nervous and blank and
when song was played i was just turning round and round and there was
one step where i had to sit and then get up and when i was trying to
get up i was about to fall bcoz of the dress i was wearing and
everyone present out there were laughing at me as it was quite
noticeable… so it was very embarrassing for me….

Collegechai: ohk pooja let me tell u that I had gone thru many such instances but it was fine it wasn’t that embarrassing. So chalta hai yaar….
10) Collegechai: lastly as we work together in the same organization, we are in the
same team.

What did you think of me when you first saw me? And Which was the
moment when I impressed you most?

That u were very friendly, emotional and understanding…..i was
impressed when we had a conversation in the nesco cafeteria regarding
our team unity and team bonding for contribution team when there were
disputes going on….

Collegechai: wow I feel great tht koi toh hai jo mujse impress hua hai.

Ohk pooja that was really a cool conversation with you great I enjoyed  as you were bindaas to answer all my foolish questions.

Wish u all the very best for your future endeavors.

Bye bye 2008 and welcome 2009…


Mithibai College Students

Mithibai College Students


As we go ahead we have new thoughts, new wishes, new plans for the coming year 2009.
Not wasting more time telling u about new year k aplans n all…
lets start…..
this time I selected Vile Parle area to take views or can say to take short interviews…

Mithibai college,
Hey this time I wanted to ask something about new year plans , new resolutions and all…
The group which I met was really interesting and these were students of
Mithibai college(SYJC, FYBCOM,SYBCOM STUDENTS) seriously bolu toh I really missed my college group n my friends meeting them..
These chaps had different views and plans to celebrate new year….
They had planned to meet up at some friends place in Andheri and to party (small gettogather) there.

Collegechai:So I tend to ask them y did u choose to a small gettogather rather going to ni party??….
<Few rplied>: u knw party at ni hotel or disc would have cost us Rs1500/- to Rs2500/- so instead of wasting this amount and not having much fun is like…
And the main reason for meeting at friends place is, we wanted to spend as much time together….
There should not be any special day to party or do masti we can celebrate as and when we want, so every day is a new year eve… <hehehe….>
<Sabse best thing which I also liked about this group when they said this…>

Collegechai: Then I met Aishwarya in that group her friends said she is a good writer as well…. So I asked her about her plans for the eve
Aishwarya: I mgoing out with my mom for dinner 2 some good restaurant… and then with celebrate it with wine< she named which wine she`ll have but I don’t remember>.
Collegechai: Aishwarya seems to be interested in rplyin my questions so I asked some more… lets see ahead.
Collegechai: every year I decide a new year resolution.. so was excited to knw if they had any…
<pehle every 1 were were blank, thier faces should as if m askin to sign on their property documents..hehehe…>

Pu…: I wana quit suttha(cigratte) surely by this year cos m trying it I quit form last 3 years…
ABC<girl>: I want to help him out to quit smoking.. and to live independent….

Aishwarya: I want to score good in my exams < CA student> and  try to be unreachable most of the time…
College chai: for me in 2008 there were many things which were unexpected and really amazing….
Collegechai: memory of 2008???…..

<all>: we had a rocking days last year..

Aishwarya: I had been to a cultural festival at Shirpur(in dhule district) we had a lot fun as we were with small kids…we even performed there.
We all were treated very royal < ekdam special> cos we were form Mumbai..
It was my good memory…
Collegechai: moving away form new years track I asked sumthin about the terror attacks at different places.
<In all >: in all they remembered some of the place.
Collegechai: cant we skip this year… I mean not to party and….??…
Rock star< dnt knw his name>: actually party is just n excuse..
Collegechai: did u people attended any of the peace rallys??..
<all>: in our college we payed homage to the people who lost their lifes durig this attacks by lighting candles and even we took part I a rally.

Wow this group was really amazing <but not good compared to my college group…. OK…>and I felt really glad to meet these people…I hope again I meet this people and get good things from them….

Usha Pravin Gandhi College of management, Mumbai, 4 P.M 31-Dec-2008


Mumbai - International Film Festival

Mumbai - International Film Festival


After sometime I met another small and sweet group. These were BMM students from same college. Actually this guys were busy with International Film festival, as they were committee member. When asked about festival, they said “Students make small films on given topic and best one wins”.
<guys it would be interesting if you get a chance to attend this festival. Let me tell you its held on 12th & 13th of Jan. You will meet Sabana Azmi, Irfaan khan and many other interesting people>

Collegechai: Memories from 2008?
Tejas (Event Head): Aaamir Khan returns. <I think for Tejas that was most interesting thing>
Nidhi: Everyday was special. <well said, something I agree too>

Collegechai: Resoultion for 2009?
Vrinda: to complete on time and a short term resolution is to make Film festival a success.
Nidhi: Avoid cribbing about little things.

Collegechai: Would you like to be Prime minister of India?

Collegechai: favorite hangout?
<all replied>: CCD, McDonalds or any Mall.