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Nitin Poojari. Working with CGSL Mumbai.  Studied B.Com at Chennai College Andheri, Mumbai.  I asked sum silly questions and I really got amazing response from him

Collegechai: What will u do if u get Time machine?
Nitin: I would like to go back to my school and college days where in I njoyed my life
and made as many as friends.
Collegechai: what  was ur common n regular excuse to bunk lectures?
Nitin:  <laughs> I never attended lectures… so it’s a wrong question…. <Again laughs>

Collegechai: if u become Prime Minister of India?
Nitin: NO PLEASE….. m happy as common man.☻
Collegechai: if u wana todofi ni 1’s teeth ya samaj ek khoon maaf kiya then who would it be?
Nitin: <aaa….. thinks 4 few secs and then rplys..> I follow Gandhajis rule live & let live.

Collegechai: if u knw u gonna die tomorrow?
Nitin: thts not possible… he’s very confident  as he knws wats gonna happen tomorrow.

Collegechai: I know u got many girlfriends n u njoy wit them…. Chal samaj bhagwaan ka vardaan hai & if ur sex is changed for 24hrs wat will u do???…
Nitin:he was quite for sumtime…. N then kicks me…

Collegechai: wat if u get Rs 1crore?
Nitin: wow that’s n interesting thing and I hope my dad reads it..
He starts..
1st I will buy my own car Black Honda Civic ♠
2nd I would like to invest a lot in share market…
3rd chhotte… get a big bunglow or a farm house where in we guys can booze n njoy like nithin..
Baaki bacha toh would give it to my parents… hehehe laughs…☺
Collegechai: how many days can u go with out taking bath
Nitin: u knw me…. I can stay as many days u want.

Collegechai: college days ya school days???..
Nitin: college days..