hi guys this is second episode of cutting chai with collegechai…. n today with us is ” Rekha Nandu”
about rekha: Well rekha is an interior designer working from last 3 years…
currently working with KNS Architecters pvt Ltd ….
 avery Firm & ambitious gul,
smart and practical nature with high values and responsibilities… 
uuhhhh…. enuf of praising, now lets pull her legs…
u knw guys v use to call her Rabbit in college and many a times v gave her carrot to eat…. lolz 🙂
 Likes & Dislikes: Okkkkk…. I like to be out with frnds    whenever i get time….. and have beautiful moments of my life shared with them.
my dislikes are i hate sitting idiol….. and i hate paneer a lotttttttttt……………i hate milk………
Collegechai: Most craziest thing ever done??…
Rekha:I guess this question can be better answered by my friends!!!!
very smart answer ha…
Collegechai: u love school life or college life??…
Rekha: I loved school life bcoz that was the time i enjoyed the most in my life..
and even college life was complete fun…. each 
day  with new comedy things and different people around…
  Collegechai: kabhi tapri pe chai pi hai??…
Rekha: I had few times near my office
but now a days i have everday on my sites.
and its amazing………
uuuaaaahhhhhh…. 🙂
Collegechai: Chai aur garam vada pav??….
Rekha: If i get this combination anywhere in a rainy season that too would be the most releifing moment of my life…
Bole toh sukun mila bhai…
Aur uspe agar dosto ka sath ho toh sone pe suhaga yaar….
Collegechai:  Kismat And karma to u is??…
Rekha: Kismat is all luck you have just work hard and hard and you will get everything…
as i such i dnt belive in all these things but ya sometimes aomewhere a little bit of luck matters
thats it::::::
cool rekha it was fun talkin to u…
and u can watch the repeat telecast of this episode every time and any time u login in on collegechai.com….
so cheers…. :0
and njoy cutting cahi with collegechai….
  1. Sneha says:

    Good work Vip’s…..
    I liked it
    All the best…..

  2. charmi says:

    Wow…. Vipul u r doin a grt job on college chai…it feels so good to see ur likes dislikes n blah blah…posted on a networking website lik dis….wish ya all da best…:-*

  3. Sweta says:

    Waah kya baat, kya baat, kya baat…Its really gr8 interacting in such a way. Such small small things also give so much happiness…reminding bot the same old college days & the best moments. Usually i don like Tea, But njoy having it on the road side area..n specially the Wrd ” CUTTING “. It gives me a different feeling. I knw its senseless but dan 2… sapki apni apni baat hoti hai…So this is one of mine…Cheers to College Chai.. Keep on rocking, so dat we can also rock.

  4. rekha says:

    hi vipul it was fun having a chai time with you!! thanks for reminding me my past moments with beautiful people….
    wish u all the best …
    lets get more and more people for the tea time…

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