Aishwarya says "Lets Party everyday…."

Posted: January 1, 2009 in College Festival, Mithibai College, Mumbai
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Bye bye 2008 and welcome 2009…


Mithibai College Students

Mithibai College Students


As we go ahead we have new thoughts, new wishes, new plans for the coming year 2009.
Not wasting more time telling u about new year k aplans n all…
lets start…..
this time I selected Vile Parle area to take views or can say to take short interviews…

Mithibai college,
Hey this time I wanted to ask something about new year plans , new resolutions and all…
The group which I met was really interesting and these were students of
Mithibai college(SYJC, FYBCOM,SYBCOM STUDENTS) seriously bolu toh I really missed my college group n my friends meeting them..
These chaps had different views and plans to celebrate new year….
They had planned to meet up at some friends place in Andheri and to party (small gettogather) there.

Collegechai:So I tend to ask them y did u choose to a small gettogather rather going to ni party??….
<Few rplied>: u knw party at ni hotel or disc would have cost us Rs1500/- to Rs2500/- so instead of wasting this amount and not having much fun is like…
And the main reason for meeting at friends place is, we wanted to spend as much time together….
There should not be any special day to party or do masti we can celebrate as and when we want, so every day is a new year eve… <hehehe….>
<Sabse best thing which I also liked about this group when they said this…>

Collegechai: Then I met Aishwarya in that group her friends said she is a good writer as well…. So I asked her about her plans for the eve
Aishwarya: I mgoing out with my mom for dinner 2 some good restaurant… and then with celebrate it with wine< she named which wine she`ll have but I don’t remember>.
Collegechai: Aishwarya seems to be interested in rplyin my questions so I asked some more… lets see ahead.
Collegechai: every year I decide a new year resolution.. so was excited to knw if they had any…
<pehle every 1 were were blank, thier faces should as if m askin to sign on their property documents..hehehe…>

Pu…: I wana quit suttha(cigratte) surely by this year cos m trying it I quit form last 3 years…
ABC<girl>: I want to help him out to quit smoking.. and to live independent….

Aishwarya: I want to score good in my exams < CA student> and  try to be unreachable most of the time…
College chai: for me in 2008 there were many things which were unexpected and really amazing….
Collegechai: memory of 2008???…..

<all>: we had a rocking days last year..

Aishwarya: I had been to a cultural festival at Shirpur(in dhule district) we had a lot fun as we were with small kids…we even performed there.
We all were treated very royal < ekdam special> cos we were form Mumbai..
It was my good memory…
Collegechai: moving away form new years track I asked sumthin about the terror attacks at different places.
<In all >: in all they remembered some of the place.
Collegechai: cant we skip this year… I mean not to party and….??…
Rock star< dnt knw his name>: actually party is just n excuse..
Collegechai: did u people attended any of the peace rallys??..
<all>: in our college we payed homage to the people who lost their lifes durig this attacks by lighting candles and even we took part I a rally.

Wow this group was really amazing <but not good compared to my college group…. OK…>and I felt really glad to meet these people…I hope again I meet this people and get good things from them….

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